What Will Your Online Business Do When 8 Billion People Get on the Internet?

Imagine the world where over next years, 4 billion “New Minds” are going to be connected to the World Wide Web, at Gigabit connection speeds, at near zero-cost.

This is the world that Peter Diamandis predicts we will live in.

In 2010 there were 1.8 billion people connected on the Internet; right now there are 3.8 billion people and by 2024 the goal is to connect every person on Earth to the web with the bandwidths that CEOs several decades ago could only dream of.

And what will happen to new people from emerging economies on all continents who almost out of the blue get the same conditions as digital natives?

They will have the same tickets for the concert called Participating in the Global Economy. Same internet speed; same gadgets; same access to knowledge; same opportunities to connect, create and contribute.

Those New Minds who enter the market will have the opportunity to participate as equally skillful to their peers in developed economy, yet they will be more hungry for success and to prove themselves.

Deprived of resources and inclined to improvise back in the days, they will pave their way through the global market with their innovation that not only can be commercialized, but it also strengthens the community.

It will happen to those developing nations the same what China encountered back in the days.

‘‘China wanted to have the same as the US and Europe.’’ said once in jest my professor from Cambridge University Peter Nolan who is one of the greatest specialists on China business and international relations.

It was impossible to expect that China will not behave in the same way as Europe or the US when they got to a certain level of prosperity. Certainly they wanted to have cars as status symbols although bicycles may be at this point more eco-friendly for all nations around the world.

Just imagine all those market opportunities that will open up once 50% people onboard on the internet and they can interact from the convenience of their home. They can choose what to buy, where to travel, who to talk to at their fingertips.

What does it mean to have 8 billion people online for your business?

If you are in online business to win, this means that you do not look at your operations and company in isolation. Rather you are aware of the changing circumstances on the global scene and tech breakthroughs that may shape or wipe out industries completely.

For example, self-driving cars will affect minimum five industries: instead of buying cars people may switch to accessing, sharing and renting cars; then car and travel insurances may be less often bought; less road infrastructure and parking slots should be built if fewer cars are produced and bought.

One of the best ways to approach all those abundant opportunities is to be well-prepared for the upcoming challenges and new chances.

You want to build your business by being smarter, faster, and cheaper (as opposed to dumber, slower, and more expensive) as David Garland in his community The Rise to The Top suggests.

There is a fantastic chance to take this opportunity as you are among the first who tackles this market segments of new customers thanks to high-quality content, well-prepared market research and understanding what the clients of the future will like.

If you start building today the niche community by providing expertise and value to your customers, you may get ahead of the competition. You may establish your company as the authority in the field because you were daring, patient and capable of going the extra mile and especially going on the road less traveled. This road less traveled is the content that solves problems, helps and entertains, while selling your product and service eventually and effortlessly.

Furthermore, this content will be optimized for search engines and humans that will interact with each other and machines. Thousands and even millions of people will have the opportunity to read the content, share knowledge and interact. Consequently, their content will have trillions of items of data behind it, informing the community owners about the user behavior, their needs and intentions of next purchase.

We live in truly exciting times and certainly the best way to have thousands of your users and members in the future is to give privileged role to early adopters of your product and service.

Not so far away are we from the moment when technology will help one half of the world population entirely “bridge the digital divide” and get opportunity to learn, express themselves, buy and interact online.

Written by: Milena Milićević