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You can create your own website, online community or social network in any niche. It's free of charge.

All-in-One Community Software

Publish relevant and interesting content that increases engagement with your audience. Use blogging tools to speed up the process of content creation. Enhance the text quality and write with inspiration and ease.
Receive or create accurate answers to questions of other members. Get the information you need from professionals in your niche, just in time. Increase your credibility as you provide resources and knowledge to other experts.
Personalized Experience
Your newsfeed and entire experience on Nichiate platform is tailor-made just for you. Choose the interests that you want to read about and connect with members who matter most to you for a unique experience.
Dynamic Homepage
Customize the content layout so that it engages users over and over again.
In a constantly changing world of algorithms, well-crafted and optimized content according to SEO is a must. Use our ready-made tools and integrate SEO in your community effortlessly.
Valuable integrations happen on Nichiate for those who value their time. Your web apps will be integrated on Nichiate so that your work and tasks can run seamlessly.
Email Notifications
Never miss an update from your fellow community members. Receive email notifications just in time and respond appropriately at your own convenience: immediately or somewhat later.
Tagging System
Excellent, useful content is all about personalization. Thus, Nichiate tagging system enables you to choose only categories, topics and tasks that matter to you. Enjoy our tagging system as a reliable and easy-to-use tool. Find exactly the information that you look for.
With our tagging system convenient search option comes hand in hand. When you search for a term in our bar, all the types of content relevant for that topic will emerge in front of you. Certainly, Nichiate software will be able to learn by itself and your search will be even more and more personalized.
You can be a member, moderator, admin, or even super admin. It is your choice and Nichiate system will recognize your drive and interest. In case you need some further support, our team will help you with administration in the most pleasant possible ways.
See profiles of all members in the community or select them according to some criteria. Engage with members by interacting with the content they shared publicly or message them in private.
Social Media Login
If you are too busy to remember log-in credentials on Nichiate platform, we have an extra card for you. You can also log-in with your social media details that already work for you like a charm on other social media accounts.
Content is the king and video content tends to be even more important, like an emperor. On Nichiate you can upload, share and interact with video content to a large scale. Make your messages memorable beyond words and images as your video fits the principles, yet also break some rules of extraordinary storytelling.
Every article, every Q&A, every image, every video, or in other words every piece of content requires comments on a community platform. Since comments improve the quality of the content and provide additional perspective, nurture them and write them as frequently as you will read them.
Photos are indeed worth 1000 words and you can upload so many of them on Nichiate. We are certain you will find the accurate measure and you will not get too carried away. Upload photos on the platform according to the recommended size, photo quality and other criteria.
Follow Options
On Nichiate you lead by an example and you can also connect with other members as you follow them or some highly-demanded topics. Follow option makes it easier for you to savour the best content that is just for you.
You may be able to showcase events in your community on particular pages. Take the advantage of events’ page fully. Online community can transition into live mode when people are able to gather.
Zoran Puljic


After 6 months of using Nichiate for our community we received 50% more project proposals then last year and we invested in more social businesses than in previous 2 years together. It seems that we managed to find a solution for our pipeline. If you are a social entrepreneur from the South East Europe do stop by our community.

Zoran Puljic, DirectorMozaik Foundation

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